A quick bike tour of KAUST

By | May 13, 2015

We live in a very bikeable community. The compound is just big enough and the weather is just hot enough that walking is not always a good option. But, it’s also small enough that a car sometimes seems like overkill. Don’t get me wrong, we now own 2 cars, but before we had kids we did fine getting around by bike all year long.

The terrain is flat so it’s not too important to be in great shape, and they even sell bikes and trikes on campus. The trikes mean that even adults who don’t know how to ride a 2-wheeler can bike around too. We’ve even noticed that it’s faster to go by bike than car for most journeys.

Plus, you have beautiful views all around you – and nearly 365 days of sunshine. It’s perfect bike weather on all but the hottest days.

Recently, Marcos Aguilar, an environmental health and safety specialist at KAUST (and a regular contributor of media on this site) shared a fabulous video of one of his bike rides around the KAUST campus. I really enjoyed it and hope you do too!

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  • Richard Purves

    Hi Claire! I have the privilege of starting at KAUST on Sunday. I’ve been in country a couple of days now, and just wanted to thank you for the posts you’ve written on the relocation side of things.

    I’ve already “almost” been introduced to your husband on my initial tour of the place and KAUST currently has me staying out in a hotel in KAEC. I thought i’d share my own experience with a post i’ve just written here: http://www.richard-purves.com/?p=47

    Thanks for sharing the video above. I’m collecting my own video that one day may go online ;)

  • Welcome to KAUST!

    I love your post!!! Thanks so much for the shout out – It’s funny how many people stop me at Tamimi and say “hey! i read your blog!” maybe you’ll find that soon too! When I first moved here, there was next to nothing on the internet about KAUST besides the official website and I found a little niche in writing about this place. I enjoy telling people about our experience here and I get so much positive feedback that it keeps me posting.

    Please let me know what I got wrong on the site. Lots has changed in the 4 years since i moved here, so if you have any suggestions for updates to content or new blog post topics, please let me know!

    As you said in your post, KAEC is a bit remote and quiet – and the food is well – American. Fire grill is a knock off of a much beloved restaurant called Chipotle – so at least you have that! We sometimes go to KAEC just for that!

    If you spot me in Tamimi give me a wave! And definitely stop by and introduce yourself to my husband. He’s a brit too.

  • Bakhta

    Hello Richard! Welcome to KAUST! Please do try Bhar restaurant at KAEC it’s Lebanese food but delicious and at least you’ll get some Arabic flavours.

  • Yeah! We go to Bhar too – and it’s definitely one of our favorite spots! Sorry to forget you guys :-)

  • Kari Metzger Oelkers

    Hi Claire-
    My husband is in the process of finalizing a job at KAUST (we are currently in Montana, USA) and reading your blog has made me feel so much better about the move. I appreciate all the work and time you dedicate to us newbies feeling safe!
    Richard’s comments have given me some cause for concern however, as we will be moving with two kiddos, and one will be attending school. I hope it goes without saying I don’t want to commute from KAEC everyday (sorry Richard).
    Do you have any understanding if families with children of school age are given any priority to housing (again, sorry Richard, I hope I don’t take your house!).
    Thanks again for all of the help, and I am really excited to make the move to a place of sunshine! :)

  • Hi Kari – Thanks for all your kind words – so glad you checked! Your situation and Richard’s are different. Richard is working for a service provider and your husband will be working for KAUST. As far as I know you will have priority on housing for this reason (rather than your family situation). Definitely check with your relocation advisor though, but I would expect that you will have housing at KAUST.

  • Marleen

    Hi Claire,

    We mailed a few times in april/mai and now we are just arrived here. Today is our 5th day at Kaust and so far we love it here! All the 5 of us :) Tomorrow a next big step: kids to school.
    Thank you for sharing the video, is it ok that I share it with my friends & family at home?
    Btw, I think we live near to each other, as somebody told me ;) So when you see 3 blond/white boys with a had, you know it is us.

    Hope to see you around! And I hope to join this Wednesday the coffeemorning.

    Have a nice day


  • Hi Marleen – Welcome to KAUST! I hope you’re enjoying your time here so far and that you all have a great first day of school. Feel free to share any of my posts with your friends and family – the more the merrier :-)

    We live near the mosque in the gardens. I’ll definitely keep an eye out for you all. And if you spot me with my two little ones, please come introduce yourself.

    I won’t be at the coffee morning this week but I think there will be lots of people there. Hope it’s great!