Apply to Attend the Middle East Youth Leadership Jam

By | August 5, 2014

Are you a changemaker in the Middle East?
Do you want to connect with other Middle East changemakers?
Are you free November 7 to 14?
Are you aged 20-40(ish)? 

I really encourage you to apply to the Middle East Jam in the beautiful Wadi Rum in Jordan this fall. It’s an opportunity that I believe will be life changing for the right people. If I were not having a baby around that approximate time, I would definitely be applying myself!

According to their website, “This Jam will connect 30 diverse, engaged and committed leaders from around the region, for a week of deep listening, sharing, self-discovery, systemic inquiry, and community building.”

What I like most about these Jams is that they are all about building community, capacity, understanding, and impact. They are also very interested in bringing a diverse audience. The events are part structured and part open-format which gives participants the opportunity to create their own reality from the event. I think an event like this can be a really strong catalysts for both ideation and self-improvement – and for meeting and talking with people you might never otherwise have the opportunity to meet.

Yes! is doing great work all over the world, and I see a huge opportunity for projects like this to create benefit for diverse audiences of young people all around the arab world.

If this sounds like a good opportunity for you, check out the Jam invitation and apply by August 22.