Check out two blogs by Susie of Arabia

By | March 17, 2013

Meeting Susie of Arabia for the first time

I recently had the good pleasure to meet Susie Johnson Kahil – the lady known as “Susie of Arabia” and the driving force behind the blogs Susie’s Big Adventure and Jeddah Daily Photo Journal.  Susie spent most of her life in the US and moved to Jeddah with her Saudi husband and their son in 2007. She writes on Susie’s Big Adventure about topics of interest in the country including social issues and current events. The photo journal is updated daily with interesting photos and tidbits. Both blogs are hugely popular for expats here in the kingdom. If you’re living here, moving here, or are just interested in life in Saudi, Susie’s blogs are both great additions to your RSS reader.

oh… and yes… her maiden name is Susan Johnson… which is my mom’s name…. I had to fit that in somehow!