You’re invited! Wednesday Coffee Mornings at KAUST

By | February 16, 2017

[Update February 16, 2017 – the event info below has been refreshed, and the event is still running!]


Coffee Morning. Photo used with permission. Courtesy Eve McCabe.

I am a big supporter of community-driven activities – with that in mind, I want to be sure to help support a great community-driven event that happens every week here at KAUST: Wednesday Coffee Mornings at the Island Rec.

Awhile ago, some non-working ladies began meeting at the Island Recreation Center for coffee and breakfast and a beautiful view every Wednesday morning. Now, it is an established event and an excellent example for the rest of our small community.

Have you recently moved to KAUST? This is a great opportunity to get out and meet people.

You’re Invited!

The idea is simple, and everyone is invited-

What: Wednesday Morning Coffee Meetup
When: Every Wednesday morning – 10am to 12pm
Where: Island Recreation Club Cafe
Description: Come and bring a friend for Wednesday Coffee Mornings at the IRC Cafe or poolside if the weather is good.

What about my kids?


My husband and son at Playland

The Playland facility is open on Wednesday mornings! So, to all you stay-at-home parents of young kids out there, you can now come and enjoy a coffee with some new or familiar faces while your kids tire themselves out in the 4-story play facility.

The Wednesday operating hours are: 8:30am to 8pm. (link only available on KAUST network)

A big thanks goes to my friends at Saudi Oger for opening the facility on Wednesday mornings, in response to the request from this group!

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  • Monica Hall

    Hi Clare,

    I was wondering if you are stiil at KAUST. I am moving in August 2015 with my husband and 2 daughters and I would really appreciate if I could contact you re life at KAUST as a “dependant”?

    Thanks ang looking forward to hearing from you

  • Claire

    Hi Monica – I’m still here! I’m happy to be in touch – what would you like to know?

  • Jacquelynne Waldron

    Hi Claire, is this still running? I was thinking of popping along this Wednesday as I’ve just arrived at KAUST and thought it might be a good chance to meet some people.

  • Yes it is! I once had someone approach me and say “I went and I was the only one” – that may happen sometimes, especially over the summer when many people travel. But it is definitely still a regular event, often with many women attending. Go and check it out!

  • Yuliya Logashenko

    Dear Claire! I’m going to go to Wednesday Coffee Morning tomorrow. But there are different information about time of begining: one time – from 9 to 11 am, another time – from 10 to 11.30 am. Which of them is correct?

  • Yuliya Logashenko

    Already today)))

  • Hi Yuliya – I believe it is the later time. Where did you see the 9am mention? I think it used to be hosted at that time, but that it changed. I’ll talk to the organizers to confirm, but a word of warning, I may not be able to get back to you until after the event today.

    Hope it’s great! Sorry I’ll have to miss it.

  • Yuliya Logashenko

    I read about time 9-11 here:
    Don’t worry about it! As I understand correct, I may not to join to the meeting today? Isn’t it? :)

  • Hi Yuliya, I understand that the event is now from 10am to 12pm based on community need. I have updated the post above to reflect that timing. Did you end up going? If not, I encourage you to go next week – really lovely ladies to meet there :)

    Also, I’ll let the spouseopportunities website folks know their site is out of date.

  • Yuliya Logashenko

    Thank you, Claire! Everything is clear :)

  • Najwan Nayef

    Hi Claire, thank you for the blog it is extremely helpful! We hope to be in Kaust by August and now need to figure out what will come with us and what we will not need. My question is whether I should be bringing my couches with me (i.e. Is the Kaust provided furniture nice and do people usually just use that). We will probably be going into a 3 bedroom place. Thanks so much!!

  • Hi Najwan – thanks for the kinds words and congrats on your upcoming move to KAUST! The furniture that is provided is pretty good – we still use most of it after 6 years here, but some people prefer a different style and choose to bring their own or buy in Jeddah. For instance, we liked the dining room table look, but it was so big it was not functional for my family, so we bought a table in Jeddah to fit our family’s needs. You can get a sense of the style of furniture you will be provided via the pictures in this blog post: I’m in a two-bedroom house, so the selection might be slightly different, but it will definitely be similar in style.

    I’d say, if you have a couch that you love and you couldn’t live without, definitely bring it. But, if you just need a couch, the ones provided will likely suit you or you can get another one in Jeddah if needed.

    Hope this helps!

  • Najwan Nayef

    Thanks so much! Super helpful :)