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By | September 14, 2014

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I recently had the pleasure of meeting with Gordon McConnell, the Acting Director New Ventures & Entrepreneurship, in the Entrepreneurship Center at KAUST. He was telling me about all the programs they have for both students and community members here at KAUST.

Avid readers will know that I have a passion for social innovation and using technology to improve/build communities. While my focus has mainly been large nonprofit organizations, I have also worked with many small nonprofits and socially-focused entrepreneurs to help them with their communication, online presences, PR, networking, and other related efforts. So, when Gordon told me that there would be free classes for anyone wanting to learn about business and entrepreneurialism at KAUST, I was blown away.

That’s right: I said free classes for anyone wanting to learn about business and entrepreneurialism at KAUST. Maybe I’m just a geek, but that is something I think should be celebrated in a big way!

So for those of you who are interested in business classes and entrepreneurship events, and you are located here at KAUST, check out their lineup events…. I hope to see you there!

You may also wish to follow the KAUST Entrepreneurship Center on Twitter and the Saudi Startup Scene on Linkedin.

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  • Eshan Wells

    Hey, we’ve just moved here. Are you still living on the campus, because if so, i guess you know about this water crisis. Has there been one like this before, and if so, how did you deal with everything? like flushing toilets (Got my priorities straight :) ) and washing.
    Thanks in advance, though being a Brit, i will probably say it afterwards anyway.

  • I am happy that KAUST is offering free classes for entrepreneurs. I wish I could be there and must have availed the opportunity. I hope it will benefit many. Thanks for bringing this in notice.

  • Claire

    Thanks andleeb!

  • Claire

    Hi Eshan – sorry for my delay in replying. Your comment gave me a giggle… guessing you figured it all out by now :-)