Getting started with the KAUST Core Labs

By | October 16, 2015
Visualization Laboratory

The KAUST Viz Lab, photo courtesy KAUST Official on Flickr

Yesterday I started a part-time position as the Events and Community Relations Coordinator in the KAUST Core Labs. The Core Labs are a host of shared resources to be used across the university – a dazzling array of leading scientific equipment and brainpower including the 7th fastest Super Computer in the world.

I’ll be working on an interesting mix of communication-focused projects including hosting laboratory tours/events, community outreach, and content curation. I am tremendously excited as it gives me the opportunity to build on an already successful program as well as learn lots more about the research being done at KAUST.

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  • Osama Younis

    Wow.. Congratulations!

    Now you have to start your duties by giving me -as a qualified non-KAUST member- the chance to collaborate on research being done at these core labs, this is part of your community outreach tasks :D

    Best wishes on your new adventure..

  • Thanks for your kind words, Osama. I’m pretty excited about the opportunity. Where are you working? I’m not sure if I can help, but feel free to let me know what you’re working on anyhow. Maybe I can try to point you in the right direction.

  • Osama Younis

    I am working as a programs specialist in a big company in Jeddah, I have a Master degree in Computer Science and I’m interested in scientific research on the fields of: Bioinformatics, HPC and CloudComputing.
    Many thanks..

  • Perhaps you’d like to apply to study at KAUST: You may also be interested in the work being done in the innovation center:

  • Kush Mishra

    Hi Claire,

    I have been offered the position of research consultant at KAUST and I’m planning to start by April mid 2016. The HR guys tell me that since I am a consultant for the university, I am not allowed any leaves. In essence if I do take leaves, they will be unpaid.

    I am not so comfortable with this. Do you know any consultants working in KAUST or any information that can help me?


  • Hi Kush, I don’t want to get involved with any contract negotiations or speak on behalf of the university in any way, but from my own personal experience I have never heard of a consultant anywhere who has paid leave or other standard benefits of salaried employees.

  • Hafsa

    Hi Claire
    I have googled for months now and I found nothing on students with kids at kaust. Can you please let me know whether students pursuing masters degree at kaust have day care facility for their children?

  • DEO3

    Hi Claire,

    I have enjoyed reading you blog and has been very helpful in my preparations for moving to KAUST. Now that I am here I just had a couple of quick questions that I wanted to see if maybe you could help me out with.

    1) I am a US citizen and as such have to pay taxes in the US on my salary earned here. I was wondering if you knew of any good local resources (or even tax accountants) that can help me or specialize in US expat tax filing. Short of this if even you know of someone in KAUST from the US that has already had to figure this all out that I could speak with that would be helpful as well.

    2) I would also like to start trying to learn Arabic. Where can I go to find a local tutor or training classes for this?

    3) Finally when my wife and kids move over later this year we would like to also bring our house cat with us. We found some resources on the steps required to do this, but was actually wanting to speak with someone who has actually go through this as well to see what it was really like. How easy/hard to get through customs? Anything we should know to make this process easier or things they wish they had known? The stuff that isn’t really spelled out in the standard paperwork forms.


  • Hi DEO3 –

    Thanks for your kind words and welcome to KAUST! Let me answer your questions one by one.

    1. It’s definitely worth consulting with tax specialists who are used to dealing with expats in Saudi. I can recommend these folks: When I first moved abroad I used a regular tax specialist and was charged a fortune – don’t make my mistake!

    2. I’m not sure if anyone is teaching arabic these days or not! I checked the lens and couldn’t find anything, but I do know that the HR learning and development team is doing english courses so it might be worth checking with them to see if arabic is coming soon. If not, check with the community library in the harbor area, I know they used to do classes there though I can’t be sure they are still running.

    3. I know it’s possible, but I don’t know the particulars. I recommend asking this via the Facebook group KAUST- campus pets: I don’t have a cat so I don’t know the process.

    Hope this helps! Welcome again,

  • DEO3

    Hi Claire. Thanks for the info and advice. I have already joined the pets group, emailed the tax folks, and will stop by the Harbor library today. One small follow up question again since I am a newbie here at KAUST and still learning all the systems. How do I find contact info for the HR L&D team? I should meantion I am not a KAUST employee directly. I work for one of the companies in the Innovation Park so I have not interacted with KAUST HR yet. Thanks again and hopefully I will run into at some point in the core labs as I am using some of the equipment and facilities there as part of my new job.

    Thanks again!

  • Hi again – Glad to hear you’ll be using the Core Labs. Are you involved with the big event next week by any chance? If you need anything on that side feel free to get in touch.

    I saw your post on the kaust pets page – hopefully you’ll get some good feedback there. As for HR, just stop by the administration building (building 16) – when you go in, go to the right as you pass the main reception desk and you’ll see the ASK HR desk.