KAUST 2 bedroom housing

By | December 9, 2012

… this post is a follow-up to my post about the KAUST 2 bedroom townhouses. In that post, I describe the KAUST housing situation in a bit more detail. If you have not yet read that post, I suggest you read it first.

We decided it was time for a bit more space, so we recently moved from a 2 bedroom townhouse to a 2 bedroom detached house.

As I said in my previous post:

There are several different types of houses here and they are all pretty much variations on the same theme. For the most part a two-bedroom townhouse is pretty similar to all the other two-bedroom townhouses at KAUST. They’ll have slightly different proportions and back yards for instance, but the inside is mostly the same – and with the same or similar furnishings too.

That said, definitely don’t confuse a “detached” house from a “townhouse”. The detached ones have a lot more space. The detached 2-br has the follow differences from the 2-br townhouses:

  • Detached has 2 living rooms – one upstairs one downstairs, townhouse has only one.
  • Detached has a single car garage, townhouse does not (driveway only)
  • Detached has an office, townhouse does not
  • Detached has a larger kitchen with more storage and a separate pantry.
  • Detached has more built-in closets/storage – in garage, maids room, kitchen, and master bedroom.
  • Detached in Gardens Neighborhood have large balconies off the upstairs living room (island detached 2brs have a much smaller balcony with high walls). We’ve used this balcony almost every day since we moved in – it’s great!
  • Our townhouse had a much nicer back yard – but the KAUST back yards vary considerably from house to house and house size is really not an indicator of yard size.
  • Obviously, you also pay more for the upgraded accommodation. (Check with your move coordinator for pricing info).

Below are photos of the 2-br detached before we moved in. You can find photos of the 2-br townhouse in my previous post. All of the furniture and furnishings in the photos have been provided by KAUST:


Front of the house

Another shot of the front of the house

Foyer, as taken from the front door

Downstairs living room. Back yard to the left, front door to the right, dining room behind the photographer

Dining room. Not pictured is a large buffet and mirror to the right of the photographer.

This is the view of the dining room and living room from inside the kitchen (through the hatch).


Maids room – en suite bathroom and dresser not pictured.

The office. This photo doesn’t really do the office any justice. It’s actually quite spacious. (Located just inside the front door)


This upstairs living room is an excellent feature. It’s my favorite room in the house! Not pictured is a TV and TV stand to the left of the photographer.

You’ll just have to trust me when I tell you the balcony is huge!

Guest bedroom. Not pictured is the large closet space behind the photographer.


2nd shot of the guest bedroom

Guest ensuite

Master Bedroom (1)

Master bedroom (2)

Master bedroom walk-in closets


Master bedroom ensuite

I know how hard it can be to decide which house to choose based on a floorplan and inventory list. I hope that by sharing this info here, I can help others who are moving to or within KAUST to feel more informed.

Have I missed anything here? Feel free to add your experiences with 2-br houses below! Or, ask any questions you may have.