Life reset. I’m going #indie

By | April 24, 2012

Claire Leading a Group Conversation. Photo courtesy Ed Schipul

I’ve decided to take my efforts independent and become a community building consultant for social benefit projects. Below, I’ve crossposted my announcement from the NetSquared Blog.

It is with great sadness that I’m writing this post. Over the next few weeks I will be phasing out of my position on the NetSquared team. It has been an intensely difficult decision and I hope that my involvement on the team has made some small contribution to enabling innovative changemakers to connect, learn, and share.

I wish the best for NetSquared, Techsoup, and the remarkable community that we serve. I know that I will be a contributor and supporter for many years to come!

An amazing experience

For over two years, I have worked on the team in various capacities to help grow and support a global community of people interested in using technology for social change. I am so proud of the many projects I was able to help shape during time.

One of the programs I’m most proud of is NetSquared Local. During my time on the team, we helped launch and support these groups and their volunteer organizers via trainings, promotions, capacity building, and community involvement. There are currently groups in over 50 cities around the world doing amazing work in their local communities and I could not be more excited about the impact they are making.

I also organized the NetSquared Cambridge group when I was living in the UK, working with super-smart people like Peter Cook, Ellie Stoneley, Mel Findlater, and Marc Bond to create grassroots impact.

Two smaller projects deserve a brief mention here: the Community Organizer Handbook and the Net2 Think Tank. We built the Local Community Organizer Handbook Wiki to build capacity and sharing between online/offline community organizers around the world. We hosted the Net2 ThinkTank as a monthly blogging/social networking exchange of ideas. Connecting with experts around the industry via these two tools was always so inspiring and motivating.

I also realized recently that I’ve written over 200 blog posts about using technology for social change on the NetSquared Blog. I’ve never considered myself a proper blogger before, but with 200 posts under my belt, I guess I have to!

But, above all, my role on the NetSquared team has afforded me the opportunity to build capacity for changemakers from all over the world— and make some really great friends and connections along the way. For that, I am most humbled.

A Few Notes of THANKS!

Working on the NetSquared Project of TechSoup Global has been a wonderful and rewarding experience.

To the NetSquared Local Organizers: You are the heart and soul of my work with NetSquared and I will miss our connections most of all! Whether it’s a party or a protest, please keep up the amazing work you’re doing to build capacity and collaborations in your local communities. If there is ever anything I can do to help any of you – as a volunteer, friend, advisor, or confidante, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me at any time.

To the Global Community of NetSquared bloggers, project and Think Tank participants, event attendees, lurkers, and more: Each of you brings a unique twist to the concept of “social benefit” and I am hopeful that you feel I have served you and your missions in some small way. Thank you for the intellectual challenge, collaboration, and sharing over the years!

To the CDI team (aka Net2 HQ!) – contractors, developers, and all: Thank you all for being the most amazing team on the planet. I feel so fortunate to have had the opportunity to learn from and grow with each of you.  I look forward to celebrating the impact you’ll make moving forward, and bragging about this badass job for years to come!

To everyone at TechSoup Global and their Partners around the world: TechSoup is creating impact for nonprofits, libraries, and individuals every single day all around the world. What you’re doing is working, so please, keep up the #awesome!

What’s Next?

I am so proud of this community that I have both participated in and served, and I promise that I will continue to be a community contributor moving forward! I also know that I have a lot of other things to give to this world and I am hopeful that my next adventures will afford me that opportunity.

I’m going indie. I’ll be picking up gigs as a community building consultant for social benefit projects. If you’re interested in collaborating, get in touch!

This is Not Goodbye!

While my role on the team is changing, my interest and dedication to this community has not waned. I look forward to continued collaborations via the tech for change community and the exciting #wins we’ll make along the way.

Feel free to email me, tweet me, or connect with me on Linkedin!