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By | May 29, 2017


[Update: the below information which was initially published in August 2015, has been refreshed in May 2017. I’ve curated the information to include current and accurate information.]

For the second timeI asked our community Facebook page for suggestions for online tools that are invaluable for life at KAUST. Here is a round-up of what I learned:

Tools for exploring and getting around:

  • Prayer time app for your phone – There are many options of prayer time apps to choose from. A prayer time app will keep you informed of when prayer times are, which is especially handy when outside the KAUST walls where all businesses shut during the prayers.
  • app – “download the KSA data and you can find your way from any house to any house or building.” – Laurie Nason
  • Uber car hire service – “I’ve found Uber incredibly useful for getting around Jeddah.” – Chris Waldron
  • Skyscanner – for booking good rates on flights, hotels, and car rentals.
  • Airbnb – for finding interesting places to stay all over the world.

Tools for recreation or information sharing within KAUST

The following tools are only available for people who live or work at KAUST. Many are only accessible when you’re viewing them from the KAUST network. 

  • Welcome to KAUST app – This is a mobile app designed to help community members find information about different topics of day to day life on campus.
  • KAUST Community Bot – According to the creator of this tool, Andrew CM Yip, “Community Bot is a virtual friend in the community along the Red Sea.” Add the app to your facebook, then send it a direct message to find out about restaurant opening times, movie listings, bus schedules, event calendars, ice cream truck whereabout, maps, and directions too. If you haven’t tried this bot out, it’s well worth giving it a whirl!
  • Kaust Community Facebook Group – a private group for KAUST community members to connect.
  • KAUST For Sale Facebook Group – for buying or selling used goods at KAUST.
  • KAUST Map – an online map of KAUST (or use the tool listed above)
  • Facilities and Community Website – houses tons of information about KAUST services. (And… keep an eye out for the Community Life website coming soon!)
  • The Lens – Make sure you subscribe for email updates to the KAUST internal blog. This is an invaluable resource for all the official information you need from KAUST.
  • Atinio – Online booking and delivery food service located only at KAUST.
  • Library Website – For access to journals and more.
  • KAUST Government Affairs App – features access to various Government Affairs services such as Exit/Re-Entry Visas, Iqama services, emergency contacts and much more (For KAUST employees/dependents only).
  • KAUST Pets Facebook Group – A group for pet owners at KAUST to connect.
  • KAUST Health website – All about the medical clinic located in the heart of the KAUST community.

Tools for connecting with family and friends abroad

  • Skype – For making free video calls to friends and family abroad.
  • Whatsapp – Use this mobile app for free private or group messaging. This app has become absolutely ubiquitous for both work and personal use in Saudi and is a great way to keep in touch with family and friend back home too.

Tools for accessing media

  • VPN – for accessing media that may only be accessible in your home country. Note that Netflix is getting smarter at identifying VPN users and so you may have to get increasingly creative with accessing home-country media.
  • A kindle or other e-reader – “My Kindle was invaluable because it allowed me to read books that I wanted when I wanted. The library was good, but nothing compares to an online supply!” – Christine Merritt Girouard
  • YouTube – for watching whatever you want, whenever you want.

Online Shopping

  • Amazon – you can buy pretty much anything here. Just make sure you click the button to sort by items that will ship to Saudi.
  • Ebay – for buying new and used items online.
  • iHerb – Sells vitamins, supplements, and other natural health products including good quality baby food. (Note from an anymous reader: iHerb has raised the rates of their shipping and taxes. It’s not such a bargain anymore. Plus it is sometimes taking a long time to arrive)
  • The Book Depository – Free worldwide shipping on books. Be warned, it takes a long time to arrive though!
  • Mumzworld – a reputable Middle East based online shopping site for mother and baby items.
  • Qotna – There is an online website based in Saudi which has been launched recently that sells home accessories and they deliver to KAUST. They offer a special discount for KAUSTanians if you use the code “KAUST”.  – Community member Hadeel Basha has recommended this service and worked with them to provide the discount code here on the blog. Thanks Hadeel!


  • Evernote: “It allows me to keep all manner of my personal life put away electronically into folders. I have one for recipes, one for school (I’m a teacher), one for ‘Books I must read’, one for ‘Memorable Quotes’, one for the numerous things I need to remember at KAUST…e.g. bicycle serial numbers, ID numbers etc etc.” – Emma Nason
  • Pepperplate – “Allows me to download recipes at the click of a button and store them on an app on my phone/tablet. You can also make a shopping list (sorted by aisle) from the recipes that you select for that week. Awesome!! It’s been useful in Tamimi!” – Emma Nason


Thank you to all of the community members that contributed their ideas and suggestions for this post! Is there something missing from this list? Please share it in the comments below.



Disclaimer: I am not advocating use of any of these sites. Use them at your own risk and with your own common sense!


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  • Abu Sajjad

    where is .. I think it is very popular here .. and they deliver to our gate twice a week

  • Nice addition! I’ve heard of a lot of people buying from that site too.

  • Antes Suriv-Yukti

    KAUST shared taxis – Facebook group for ride sharing between Kaust members. – Much more detailed and up-to-date map of KAUST and loads faster than

  • Oh, I’m kicking myself for forgetting openstreetmaps! This really is a great tool, and the Maps.Me app is using this data.

    The shared taxi group is great too – excellent addition!

  • Kristi?ns ?er?evi?s

    Hi ! First of all thank you for the blog, it’s been really helpful for me. I wanted to ask is it possible to order things from ebay or amazon and get them delivered here ? Do you get it delivered to your house or have tu pick it up somewhere ?

  • Aiko

    Hello, what shipping address should I fill for I wrote KAUST address and they say it is undeliverable((

  • Do you have a PO box from the campus post office? I haven’t had any problems with the address that was provided by them.

  • You are very welcome, Kristians! Thanks for your kind words. Yes, it is possible to order from online sites like these as long as the seller is willing to ship to Saudi. On Amazon for instance, you need to put your shipping address in and select the option to only view items that can be shipped to saudi. Many items can.

    We have a post office run by Samsa in the discovery square area of the campus. There you can get a PO Box and have items shipped to the address they provide. Then you go pick it up from there.

    Hope this helps!

  • Antonio Aguilar

    Hi Claire, your blog is great!!! I have a question about the app’s of communications, it is allowed whastapp messages? It’s the main app that I use to communicate with my family and friends.

    Thank you very much!

  • This is a GREAT addition to the list. Whatsapp is a very popular app here.

  • Seb

    Hi, I can’t find KAUST on as an option for delivery address. Any advice?

  • Abu Sajjad

    for Souq, just put Jeddah and choose any district , it doesn’t matter as long as you mention KAUST – Thuwal in the remarks ,, they deliver once or twice a week to outside the gate ,,

  • ???

    Can’t they deliver inside KAUST? And how can I get outside of the gate…

  • I have always had my packages delivered inside of KAUST. I have a PO box with the post office in discovery square and use that for all my mail. I’ve never had a problem.

  • ???

    OK I will try to get a PO box from the post office. Hope it’s not complicated..Anyway, thank you very much and your blog is really great :)

  • Margaret Proffitt

    Hi Claire,
    I hope it’s not too presumptuous of me to reach out but your blog has been enormously helpful as our family considers accepting a job at KAUST. I’m wondering if you have any knowledge about KAUST’s policy on dependent children? We have 4 children, 3 of which are school aged right now. We have received an informal verbal offer of employment but apparently HR will need to make an exception (because we have more than 3 children) before a formal offer comes. Do you have any experience with HR making those types of exceptions? Is it possible for an employee to cover the tuition cost of the extra child or is it a hard line when it comes to the number of dependents?

    We are extremely excited about the possible opportunity of living and working at KAUST. I lived in Riyadh for several years so by comparison the community there seems like paradise! Any information or advice you have for us would be helpful. Thank you so much!

  • Hi Margaret – We like to think of KAUST as our little slice of paradise. I sincerely hope it works out for you and that you like it here as much as we do.

    From your post I can see that you already know more about this specific policy than I do ;-) I think the best thing you can do is to ask these questions to your HR advisor or relocation coordinator. Might be helpful to mention that you’re happy for your kids to share a room, since our largest housing units are 4-bedrooms (plus a maids room, so really they are 5-bedroom houses)

    Best of luck and fingers crossed for good news for you.