Our First KAUSTiversary!

By | July 11, 2012

Shared via Saif Alnuweiri on Flickr, via Creative Commons License

We’ve made it through our first year at KAUST! This past year has been pretty great. Here are a few of the highlights from the last 12 months:

  • Kevin’s Job – He loves it. What more can you ask for really?
  • Making new friends – We have connected with so many wonderful people from all over the world!
  • Exploring Saudi (and Jordan too)!
  • The gym, pool, and beach.
  • Biking everywhere.
  • Living close to my parents and starting our own family.
  • The winter weather + Sunshine all day every day.
We really are happy as pie to be here. Why doesn’t everyone want to move to the middle east?!