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    Hello Claire,

    How is the housing at KAUST? Is it quite satisfactory regarding the facilities and the maintainance. I have read an article from an alumni of KAUST stating that the housing facilities are not good, it doesn’t have proper maintainance, etc. Whether it has been improved now, are you facing any issues with that. I am very much worried after reading that but I have hope that people are leading a beautiful life over there but I want to be sure about the housing facilities from the people who are currently there rather than from an alumni. http://schoolofsand.blogspot.in/2010/12/housing.html

  • thank you :-)

  • Hi Sumithira – I saw the title and date on this post and immediately dismissed it without reading. First, it’s insensitive. Second, it’s 5 years old. Also, several of the apartment buildings were renovated recently to fix some issues – which may be what this post about (but as I say, I didn’t read it so I don’t know).

    I am very happy with my home at KAUST. We have a huge house which is much bigger than what I could afford elsewhere, and they take care of every single problem for free with a simple phone call. Light bulb out? They’ll replace it. Broken door knob. They’ll fix it. AC on the fritz? They’ve got it covered. We have nice quality furniture that is provided, TVs, microwave, washer and dryer and more – and they keep it all functioning. We also have regular preventative maintenance on the houses once or twice per year.

    I hope this helps to quell your fears!


    Thank u Claire, your comments on housing makes me feel relaxed.

  • So glad I could help :-) Let us know when you get here!

  • Patrick

    Hi Claire, we are living in the UAE and have Kaust on our radar for a possible move. I am concerned however about the recent turbulence in Saudi however, especially the on-going situation with Yemen. What is the feeling with people in Kaust at the moment?

  • Hi Patrick – I am in no way an official voice on this issue, but I would say that we feel pretty removed from the situation down south. Of course we keep an eye on the news, but there are not any special safety alerts for this area of the country. I feel much safer at KAUST than I ever did living in Washington, DC or even Cambridge, UK. Hope this helps!