Rush minute at KAUST

By | September 20, 2018

After 7 years at KAUST, I hardly recall exactly what rush hour feels like anymore. I seem to remember it was boring and frustrating and annoying though!

For many KAUST residents, the short commute to work is a major perk of the job. Most people start work at 8am at KAUST and there is a certain buzz around the community at around 7:55 on work days, which we lovingly refer to as “rush minute”. I live “way out” in the Gardens neighborhood and my commute takes about 5 minutes by bike or by car.

My friend Ginny Sealey recently snapped a go-pro to her bike and recorded her commute. I love how her journey ambles through residential, park, and commercial areas in her short journey to work. It seems so peaceful and calming.

Rush minute: Just another thing that makes life at KAUST uniquely wonderful.