Saudi Arabia’s Hidden Black Sand Dunes

By | February 9, 2022

We went camping a few weeks ago in some unbelievable black sand dunes which we’d never heard of until recently. Our friends Ashley and Eric showed us the way, and vlogged about it too. Check it out:

Here’s how they describe the spot:

Hidden in between the volcanoes of the ?arrat Lunayyir lava field od western Saudi Arabia, is an incredible secret location – the black sand dunes of Saudi Arabia! Harrat Lunayyir means “the lava field of the moon,” and it definitely felt like we were out of this world!

All the videos and drone footage only just begin to show how amazing this place is. A long past volcanic eruption has left jet black, gravel-like remnants that form huge dunes you can explore. We did some digging to discover this beautiful place, and it definitely didn’t disappoint! We hiked a volcano and then spent a beautiful night camping in the dunes.

The dunes are definitely worth visiting, but it’s also somewhere that not many people know about, so if you are able to find it please, please, please be sure to take care it, pack out your trash, and follow the trails that others have already made in the dunes!

-Eric and Ash

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