• Dear Claire Sale

    Yesterday I was trying to play the video in 5th year celebration of KAUST and unfortunately it did not load for me, and still I am trying to watch this video from last 5 minutes and its not working with me , not sure if the problem is on my end or there is any problem in this Vimeo video. Hope to see this KAUST compound video some day.


  • Down the bar is moving as if the video is playing but the screen is black

  • Today it was fine…. its nice to see a day of KAUST

  • Claire

    Glad you got it working in the end! Thanks for keeping me posted.

  • Alan Woodall

    Hi Claire

    Fascinating and enormously helpful blog and site for those of us looking at coming to work at KAUST. I’m a
    UK family physician considering a job opportunity there. Could I be so bold as to ask if I can ask some questions direct via email? My mail is alanwoodall@btinternet.com – obviously appreciate if not possible and you are inundated with requests, but thanks in anticipation, best wishes, Alan.