A Jolly Good Week

By | June 28, 2009

This has been a week of learning. Firstly, I’m learning words that I’ve never heard before: “Hey Kev, What’s a reg?” “Kevin, he said bouncy castle… is that a moon bounce?” “Kev, what’s a HIP?”

I’m learning my new address, my new phone number, and how to not get hit by cars or small children on bicycles.

This is how most of our conversations went this week:

Me: Did you hear the chickens this morning!! We can hear chickens from our house!
Kev: You can hear chickens?
Me: Yes! Cock-a-doodle-doo, ya know?
Kev: You mean a rooster? City girl..

I’ve got more learning to do… I’m guessing the biggest learning experience yet is tomorrow at my first day of work. Wish me luck!