Instagrammers of KAUST

By | October 16, 2019

Instagram is one of the most popular social media channels for people living at KAUST. If you follow some of the more popular hashtags, you’ll find many posts from and about life in our seaside University community:

Recently, my colleague and collaborator, Marcos Aguilar, suggested that I write a post here pointing to some of the best public Instagrammers at KAUST. I thought it was a great idea, so I reached out to the community – both on Instagram and on Facebook – to get advice on who to include.

Without further adieu, here are the Instagrammers of KAUST!

  • @Markcosav – Marcos Aguilar was the inspiration behind this post, but more importantly, he is a brilliant photographer and videographer, frequently posting high quality media about his life at KAUST and travels around the world.
  • @madagascar.girl – Dr. Tsiky is an inspirational woman – a graduate of KAUST and nonprofit CEO in her home country of Madagascar. Her photos and storytelling are powerful and educational. This woman has a bright future ahead.
  • @ericrowell and @ashleyrowell1 – a couple who post about their lives and especially their travels. They also write a popular blog called – and Ashley happens to be my kid’s 1st grade teacher.
  • @nounamoz – Dr Nadine Hosny El Said is a scientist at KAUST and posts about her work, life, and adventures.
  • @catecarna – An exceptional Italian woman who has been losing weight through diet and exercise after a series of tragic losses. She is a true inspiration and motivating force to all those who follow her.
  • @entrepreneurs_in_heels – This account is from the founders of one of the KAUST Startups, called @Wayakit!
  • @virtualsomebody – Posts stunning photos of everyday life in Saudi Arabia.
  • @anitabraojos and @yolo_theexpatpuppy – Anita posts photos about her adventures in Saudi, especially those that include her dog, Yolo, who has his own dedicated (and adorable) account.
  • @scientificdiver – Susann is a marine scientist and PhD candidate at KAUST. She post brilliant underwater photos about her research on giant clams, among other things. She was also mentioned in my TEDx as an excellent example of science communication done effectively.
  • @MorganBennettSmith – Morgan is a marine biologist working in the Red Sea. He posts stunning photos of oceans, landscapes and wildlife.
  • @ocean_magpie – Charlie is also marine biologist and communicator posting beautiful photos from her adventures both on land and in the sea.
  • @homemadebycris – is a popular cake baker and chef, specializing in personalized cookies and cakes for birthdays and events.
  • @maureens_kitchen_gcc – Maureen is another serious baker, posting photos of her creations to her account.
  • @climb.arabia – Documenting the popular up-and-coming rock climbing community in Saudi Arabia.
  • @djronc2 – a budding DJ and Producer.
  • @themakeofyou – Stunning photos of everyday life at KAUST and further afield.
  • @la.vie.en.roux – My colleague and collaborator in Community Life, also a talented writer, artist, and model.
  • @jos_of_arabia – A lovely Australian couple and their daughter post about their adventures at KAUST and around the world.
  • @aprabaswara – Aditya posts professional quality still life photos of KAUST and the surrounding areas.
  • @assel_in_ksa – A Russian-language account about life at KAUST.

…and I guess while you’re at it, you could follow me too! I’m @ClaireSaleKSA and mostly post photos of everyday life at KAUST.

The above list is in no way comprehensive – nor was it meant to be. It’s simply a sampling of what the community wanted to be shared here on my blog. Who’s missing? Share your handle, or the handle to your own favorite KAUST instagram accounts and hashtags in the comments below!