KAUST Voices: Favorite community places

By | February 16, 2018

I recently reached out to community members inviting them to share photos of their favorite places at KAUST here on my blog. Below is what they shared:

People who like to eat:

Madhu Srinivasan: “The Yacht Club. Good food. Good views”

Sookyung Pak: “Tim Horton and Coldstone at harbor walk! we go there everyweek and be satisfied husband’s caffeine and son’s sweets at one place :) And the calm red sea, and a lot of pebbles what my son likes to throw”

People who like nice views:

Basil JS: “the beach……”

Basil JS ” … and the golf course :) […] cos life’s a beach and a bad day at golf still beats a good day at work”

Meres Weche: “The Beacon-facing balcony at the Al-Marsa restaurant”

Aida Mizouni-Hoteit “This view”

Katie Losos Owens: “Watching the sunsets at Pure!”

Marcos Aguilar: “The mangroves around the new protected areas are an amazing example of adaptation to the environment.”

People who like their jobs:

Jamie Pui Woon Hoo: “[The KAUST School], lots of fun learning going on here! And it is the liveliest place in KAUST.”

People who like good company:

Rhoulyne Santos: “This is our favorite place to hang out from the Campus Diner going to the bus stop of Building16 and we enjoyed sitting there and having fun with our Happy Group.”

Kevin Stensberg: “My favorite spot is snuggly between my dog and a good book; bonus points if it’s a sunshiny weekend (pssst it’s ALWAYS a sunshiny weekend)”

Nimisha Rajawat: “My favorite spot is walking path to Beacon, there are benches which face mangroves and the gorgeous Red Sea, each time I walk there with my dog, I sit there for some deep breathes it reminds me how grateful I should be of this natural beauty and my blessed life!”

Linda Sapolu: “In my room with my cat ? trying to watch a movie favorite way to spend my weekend.”

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All photos and quotes are shared with permission. Thank you to everyone who contributed to this post!