Mill Road Fare: Curry Queen and Golden Curry

By | June 15, 2011

These are the two best curry houses on Mill Road. They’re directly opposite each other right at the bottom of the city-side of the railway bridge. We went to the Curry Queen over the weekend and the Golden Curry tonight (with my bro-in-law, Shaun, pictured above). Here’s what we thought:

Initial Impressions

Curry Queen: This is a small curry house that’s often busy, but never booked-up. It’s a nicer curry house than most – definitely not the place for a rowdy night out. The food selection is excellent and the staff are friendly.

Golden Curry: This curry house is slightly larger and slightly more casual than the Curry Queen. We’ve always had great service here.

The food

Both restaurants have fairly standard curry-house selection at a reasonable price. Both are tastier than the average.

At the Curry Queen, I particulrly like the biryani and they cook their lamb really well. I can’t really think of anything I’ve tried there that I didn’t like, actually!

At the Golden Curry, I particularly like how they cook their naan, especially the vegetable naan. I’ve found the their food to be a bit on the oily side, though.


I think by having two curry houses so close in proximity, it really keeps the competition/quality up.

I really like to go to both of these curry houses with friends and family alike. If I had to choose between the two though, I’d definitely say Curry Queen (though we have close friends who swear by the Golden Curry)! Both are well-worth a visit – and if you’ve been to both, let us know which you prefer in the comments below!

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