Singing in the rain

By | August 7, 2009

Photo Courtesy: Bageler on Flickr

Last night was just one of those nights. You know– those nights that you get dragged out against your will and end up having the time of your life.

Yesterday was a tough day for me. I had some drama going on at the office and I had a headache that lasted from the minute I woke up to the time I got home from work. When I got home, all I wanted to do was crawl into bed and go to sleep. Kevin though, thought better of that and suggested that we grab some dinner at The Wrestlers. After some coaxing, I VERY reluctantly agreed.

So, we hopped on our bikes and cycled through the drizzling rain down to the Wrestlers. I’ve written about this restaurant before, so loyal readers will know that we ordered a Thai green chicken curry and a pint. We ran into one of Kev’s old friends who joined us for a catch up and some prawn crackers. It was pouring rain by this point and with nowhere else to go, one drink turned into three or four and the headache and miserable mood had vanished into thin air.

On an unrelated note, if someone could please explain to me the British fascination with prawns, I’d appreciate it.

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So, there we are, it’s closing time at the pub and it’s pouring down rain. We say goodbye to Kev’s friend and hop on our soaking wet bikes for the short ride home. I don’t think I could ever describe the fun we had on our ride home last night, but I will say that it involved foggy glasses, wobbly wheels, and a lot of singing in the rain. It was one of those moments where figurative lemonade is made.

… I am so glad I live here. I love this place.