Tourism has arrived in Saudi Arabia!

By | September 28, 2019
Madain Saleh, Al Ula, Saudi Arabia

Big news out of Saudi! New rules allowing tourist visas from a host of countries, including the US and the UK were launched yesterday. This is a game-changer for travelers who wish to experience Saudi first-hand.

What? There was no tourism before?!!

No, not really. Before, tourist access to Saudi was extremely limited. Family visit visas and pilgrim visas were popular opportunities for outsiders to see this country, but the qualifying criteria was strict. A few event-related visas were issued for the last year or two as well, but now, it seems, visitors will be able to apply for straightforward tourist visas.

Visitors welcome!

Now, it looks like friends and extended family from our home countries will be able to come visit. So, if we told you before you couldn’t come visit us, that’s all changed! Visitors are welcome!

…but what will I wear?

As you probably already know, it is considered a cultural must for women to wear a black cloak called an “abaya” over their clothes while in public. When we first arrived in Saudi 8 years ago, abayas were all black and relatively bland. During our short time in Saudi though, many women have begun wearing abayas which are colorful fashion statements, pushing the boundaries of acceptable norms. HOWEVER….

With the tourism news, the authorities have also announced that there will be no requirement of an abaya for foreign tourists. Rather, women will be asked to dress conservatively and follow other decency laws which are still being announced. This secondary change will absolutely serve to help bridge the international understanding of Saudi Arabia for foreign travelers.

Come visit!

Ramadan in Jeddah

If you are interested in experiencing Saudi first-hand, I cannot recommend it highly enough!

Where will you visit first? Here are a few ideas! And, here’s some info to learn more about tourism in Saudi and get your visa:


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